Studio Rental

Studio 1

Studio 1 is our main ground floor studio and is available to rent when classes are not being conducted at yogArt.

Accommodates: Up to 15 yoga mats


RM100 per hour
RM50 every subsequent hour
RM320 Half day (6 hours)
RM550 Full day (12 hours)

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our smaller upper level studio, ideal for conducting intimate group classes.

Accommodates: Up to 8 yoga mats


RM80 per hour
RM40 every subsequent hour
RM260 half day (6 hours)
RM440 full day (12 hours)”

Healing Room

Our Healing Room is a Zen space of calm, with yogArt’s resident Bonsai tree presiding over the room and acting as a natural air purifier. Ample windows let the sunlight in and we have a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp that helps raise energies, neutralise electromagnetic radiation and promote relaxation.

Our Healing Room is fully equipped with cushiony mats, light blankets, and pillows to support the head and knees. The space can comfortably accommodate up to ten people lying down or more for talks and workshops. Please contact us for enquiries or to discuss rates.

We currently host monthly Tibetan Sound Healing with April in our Healing Room. Click here for details.

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