Ashtanga Half Primary Series LED


Thursday, 08:00 PM (75 Min)





Popularised by Sri Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), ashtanga vinyasa involves syncing the breath with a progressive series of postures–a process that increases the quality of blood and its efficient flow throughout the body, and producing intense internal heat and sweat to facilitate the purification and efficiency of the muscles and organs.

As a therapeutic practice (ashtanga yoga chikitsa), it celebrates the sheer joy and beauty of the body in movement–a steady and enjoyable practice with minimal pain and risk of injury.

In addition to developing strong foundations of postural alignment, strengthening of the neuromuscular system and joint stability, ashtanga provides an effective means to improve circulation; shape a light, strong body; and calm the mind to maintain a healthy, balanced existence.

This 75-minute class will also introduce postures from the Intermediate Series.

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