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Take a moment to breathe, and feed your mind and body with goodness. We are a boutique studio with classes catered to your every need–whether it’s yoga, Muay Thai, Zumba or POP Pilates.

Class Sizes

Our classes are small, allowing our teachers to give their full attention to each student and their individual needs.


Our focus is quality over quantity, and our skilled team of teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them to ensure that you get the best out of your practice.


We’re also happy to be bringing together the expatriate Japanese community with classes hosted by our Japanese teachers. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you find your version of bliss here at yogArt.
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Who We Are

Yoga Instructor


Brad has been practising yoga for over a decade and has been teaching for a quarter of that.

Pei Kuan
Yoga Instructor

Pei Kuan

Pei Kuan started practising yoga when she was 26 years old as a form of physical release from an inflexible body.

Do You Want Unlimited Classes For 2 Weeks?

Only RM 100.00, available for new yogArt students.


Our Credit Plans

We are glad to announce that we have introduced our new credit system. Making everyone’s life easier, as we are having several new classes with different levels & durations.

Regular Price
RM 160
8 Credits

RM 160.00

1 Month Credit Validity
Price Per Credit: RM 20.00
Price Per Class: RM 40.00

Buy Now
45% Off
RM 520
48 Credits

RM 960.00

3 Months Credit Validity
Price Per Credit: RM 10.83
Price Per Class: RM 21.67

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25% Off
RM 360
24 Credits

RM 480.00

2 Months Credit Validity
Price Per Credit: RM 15.00
Price Per Class: RM 30.00

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Our Unlimited Plans

Explore our brand new unlimited plans. Applicable to all offered classes and with even better prices per class.

Regular Price
RM 320
1 Month

RM 320.00

1 Month Unlimited Classes
Price Per Month: RM 320.00
Price Per Class: RM 26.67
(Based on 12 Classes per month)

Buy Now
50% Off
RM 1,920
12 Months

RM 3,840.00

12 Months Unlimited Classes
Price Per Month: RM 160.00
Price Per Class: RM 13.33
(Based on 12 Classes per month)

Buy Now
30% Off
RM 1,344
6 Months

RM 1,920.00

6 Months Unlimited Classes
Price Per Month: RM 224.00
Price Per Class: RM 18.67
(Based on 12 Classes per month)

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People About Us

There is something about ‘yogArt Studio’ that I can’t quite put into words. This place keeps drawing me back.




After a stressful and hectic day, going to yogArt to practise allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back to balance.




yogArt is a home studio away from the hustle & bustle of commercial clutter allowing me to enjoy a focused practice with dedicated instructors.

Wendy Lai

Wendy Lai


yogArt is unlike any studio I have come across. The intimate & serene atmosphere helped me to feel I could do my practice in harmony & privacy.

Cassidy La Crème

Cassidy La Crème